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You have been charged with assault in Texas. What should you do now? Talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows how the legal system works in Texas and who knows how to get results. Contact The Webb Firm, P.C. in Conroe. We know how the system works because we’ve been doing this work for years in Conroe, The Woodlands and other nearby communities in Texas.

Attorney Amanda Webb has represented many people in court facing charges involving assault and battery. She also brings a unique perspective to such cases. That’s because in addition to being a lawyer, she used to be a Former Prosecutor in Montgomery County, where she worked as an Assistant District Attorney.

Common assault charges

Being convicted of assault in Texas can have serious consequences. You could be sentenced to several months or years in prison if you’re found guilty of any of the following charges:

Navigating your way through the court system on your own can be nearly impossible. This is especially true when it comes to being charged with assault and battery in Texas. All a police officer often needs is probable cause to charge you with assault. Judges often err on the side of caution, which could result in you being incarcerated or barred from contact with a family member depending on the charges facing you. That’s why it’s important to speak with a lawyer right away after your arrest.

How our law firm can help you

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can give you a voice in court. Instead of feeling like you have no control over what’s happening, your lawyer can speak on your behalf and make sure your rights are respected.

At The Webb Firm, P.C., we take a comprehensive approach towards such complex cases. This approach often starts with simply listening to you explain to us exactly what happened in your own words. We can then explain to you the best available options. That way, you can decide what you want us to do next on your behalf.

That’s just the start. We often then regularly review the arrest report. Did the arresting officer follow the law? Were you notified of your rights? Or were your civil rights violated? We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice. Contact us and schedule your free consultation right now.

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