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Understanding Consent and Sexual Assault Laws in Texas

In Texas and throughout the nation, the concept of consent plays a crucial role with regard to sexual assault charges. Sexual assault is unlike many other crimes because the same act can be either legal or criminal purely depending on consent. If you find yourself facing sexual assault charges or any other related charges in...

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Are THC Vape Pens Legal in Texas?

Conroe, TX Drug Charges Defense Attorney Clears Up Confusion About THC Vape Pen Possession We'll be blunt: No, recreational THC vape pens are illegal in Texas. This catches some people off guard. Even in communities that have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, like Austin, Killeen, and Elgin, THC vape pens are illegal. Marijuana...

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Texas Plea Bargain?

Always consult a criminal defense attorney before accepting a plea deal in Montgomery County. Few criminal cases actually go to trial. Instead, a Texas prosecutors' association estimates that 98 percent of charges are resolved through plea bargains. To close a case quickly and avoid clogging the courts, prosecutors may offer a plea bargain to avoid...

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How To Use Your Miranda Rights in Texas

Don't forget that you have a right to remain silent If you've seen a crime drama, you've probably heard that you have a "right to remain silent." This right is part of your Miranda rights. Movies and shows often depict police reading suspects their Miranda rights, but their depiction of the law is often inaccurate....

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Facing Theft Charges in Texas? Here's How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

A Texas criminal defense lawyer explains the available legal options. Being charged with theft in Texas is a serious criminal charge with serious consequences. That’s why it’s important for someone facing a theft charge to fully understand their rights, the penalties, the consequences of a theft conviction, and the potential legal options available to them....

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Criminal Charges Under the New Texas Abortion Laws

Following the United State Supreme Court's landmark ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, abortion is a criminal offense in Texas. As a result, medical professionals who perform abortions in Texas can face serious legal consequences, including prison time, fines, and professional sanctions. We are monitoring this...

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Avoiding Self-Incrimination in Texas

If you're confronted by police, here are some ways to exercise your rights. The Fifth Amendment gives Americans the right to protect themselves from self-incrimination. However, this right won't help you much if you don't understand when it applies and how to use it. In general, self-incrimination is when a person, under the pressure of...

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Want To Expunge Your Record in Texas?

Getting a clean slate isn't easy, but an expungement lawyer can help Even if you've repaid your debt to society, a criminal record can penalize you long after your sentence is complete. Past arrests and convictions that appear in background checks can compromise career, housing, education, and other opportunities. But it doesn't have to be...

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