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We take great pride in our work at The Webb Firm, P.C. in Conroe, Texas. That’s because we understand the seriousness of our work. Often, people contact us because they need an experienced, criminal defense attorney who understands how the legal system works in Montgomery County and throughout the area.

Attorney Amanda Webb and the rest of our team have a well-earned reputation for getting the job done right. We know what evidence to look for, what questions to ask and how to compile all that information in a compelling legal case. It’s probably the reason why we consistently have such strong case results and routinely receive positive reviews and testimonials. We care about what happens to you.

History of our law firm

Founded in 2012, The Webb Firm, P.C. routinely handles some of the most complicated legal cases in Conroe and nearby communities. Founding attorney Amanda Webb brings a wealth of legal knowledge to every case she handles. She has a distinct background which gives her unique insights into complex cases.

Prior to being an independent lawyer, attorney Webb worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County. As a result, she routinely appeared in the courtroom at trials involving a wide range of criminal charges. Attorney Webb continues to take cases to trial. Only now, she uses her knowledge and expertise to fight for the rights of people just like you.

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Don’t underestimate the complexity of your case. If you have been charged with a crime, it’s critical that you get straight answers right away. Often, the clock is ticking once you have been arrested. The longer you wait, the harder it often becomes to find the facts or get the justice you deserve.

That’s why we urge you to contact us and schedule your free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer who knows the law and knows how to get results. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call now.

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