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Have you been charged with online solicitation of a minor in Texas? This is a very serious charge that can have very severe penalties. Depending on the specific sexual charges facing you, you could be sentenced to several months or several years in jail. In addition, you might also have to register as a sex offender if you’re convicted. That’s why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

We understand the seriousness of such charges at The Webb Firm, P.C. in Conroe. That’s because we have been representing people facing such charges for years. Criminal defense lawyer Amanda Webb has extensive courtroom experience when it comes to such cases – as an attorney and as a former prosecutor in Montgomery County, where she worked as an Assistant District Attorney.

What is online solicitation?

Contacting a minor (defined as someone younger than 17 years old) online (which includes contact via a computer, email, text message or another electronic messaging service) to engage in sexual contact is against the law in Texas in most cases.

Even if no actual sexual contact took place, you could still be charged with online solicitation in certain cases. This includes sending sexually explicit material to a minor or attempting to arrange a meeting with a minor for sexual purposes. Penalties can be even more severe if the person involved is younger than 14 years old.

There can sometimes be gray areas in the law. That’s why it’s important to talk with an attorney familiar with Texas’ legal system and the laws governing such issues. That’s why we want to meet with you right away at The Webb Firm, P.C.

Our lawyer can defend your rights

We take a comprehensive approach to such complex cases. First, we start with the facts. We want to hear from you directly about exactly what happened in your own words. Then, we often review the arrest report. That’s where we sometimes find inconsistencies, including the arresting officer not following standard procedure.

That’s just the start. Did the arresting officer have the necessary paperwork to conduct a search of your property? Were you read your rights? Were your civil rights violated? What did the arresting officer do with any evidence seized during your arrest? Where is that evidence currently being stored? Is it stored in a secure place or someplace that can be tampered with?

These are very serious questions. That’s because the stakes are so high. If convicted, your entire life could change forever. We get it at The Webb Firm, P.C. And we want to help. Contact us and schedule your free consultation with a criminal defense attorney focused on results.

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