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Texas marijuana law in limbo

Hope for Texas marijuana reform is going up in smoke. Of the more than 60 bills filed this legislative session to reduce penalties and/or expand access to marijuana, only two made it to the governor. Both bills propose minor tweaks to Texas’s overly harsh marijuana laws and punishments. Neither addresses decriminalization. A bill regarding parental...

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THC breathalyzers may be coming to Texas soon

The waitlist is growing for a new THC breathalyzer that promises to revolutionize the detection of marijuana use. California-based Hound Labs says its marijuana breathalyzer can detect if a person has smoked marijuana within the last 4 hours. The THC breathalyzer is being pitched for use in roadside sobriety checks as well as the workplace....

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What to do when the police show up at your door

Seeing a police officer at your door is enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Whether you think you know why the police are there or not, the same set of laws, rights, and protections apply. Invoking your rights at such a critical time can potentially save you from criminal arrest, having your property...

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Common questions and answers about expungement in Texas

  Do you have an arrest on your record? If so, you likely have questions that need answers. The lawyers at The Webb Firm, P.C. answer common questions regarding expungement in Texas. If you were arrested but weren't charged with a crime, your arrest and court records will still be available to the public. That...

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How can a criminal defense attorney help me if I was charged with domestic violence in Texas?

Were you accused of committing assault against a loved one or relative in Texas? Have you been arrested and charged with domestic violence? You could be facing harsh legal consequences under the Texas penal code. It's critical that you understand the nature of a domestic assault charge and the potential legal consequences you could be...

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Why you should take a misdemeanor charge seriously

Being charged with a misdemeanor may not sound like a big deal, but the consequences are often harsh and have a long-lasting impact. A misdemeanor charge may be less severe than a felony, but it's still a serious legal matter that can substantially change your future. It's important that you never underestimate a misdemeanor charge....

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What are the legal consequences of vaping in Texas?

The Texas Education Agency says more than 330,000 middle school and high school students, or 13% of all students in grades 6 to 12, experimented with vaping in 2018. That is four times the number of students, up from 3%, that vaped in 2012. School officials say the rising numbers are alarming because of health...

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What should I do if I was accused of assault and battery?

If you were arrested and charged with assault and battery in Texas, you could be facing serious legal consequences that could last for several years. In some cases, people who face assault charges are accused based on false allegations or poor judgment of situations from police officers or witnesses. Depending on the amount of evidence...

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Drug Convictions Dismissed Due To False Testimony

Conroe, TX defense attorney explains what happened in Harris County, Texas If you a facing a drug charge, you might think you don’t have a lot of legal options. Many drug charges are often dismissed or thrown out of court, however. That’s what recently happened in one case involving a Houston man who was wrongfully...

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