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What people say about us matters at The Webb Firm, P.C. That’s because we take pride in representing people who need our help the most in Conroe and other surrounding communities. Below, you’ll find real reviews from real people represented by Conroe criminal defense attorney Amanda Webb and the rest of our legal team.

Each review often represents a tremendous amount of work. That’s because we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to representing people facing serious criminal charges. We take the time to carefully craft a legal defense that meets your specific legal needs. Learn more about what we can do for you. Contact us and schedule your free consultation right now.

Real reviews from real clients

“I was lucky enough for The Webb Firm to take my case after the passing of my appointed attorney.  The portal is very helpful with the constant communication directly with the Firm.  The outcome was in my favor from the outstanding work The Webb Firm did for me. I’m am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend The Webb Firm.”

- Veronica R.

“My experience with The Webb Firm was great. Non-judgmental, understanding and reassuring. You talk directly with the lawyer on a secure portal. All questions answered honestly and literally walked me through the process. When the chips are down and you need someone in your corner, this is who you need. They don't have a top Google rating for nothing.”

“I hired Amanda Webb to help with a case. I always felt confident that Amanda was doing everything she could to help my case. I never worried if she would be late in court or whether she was trying her hardest. If I ever had any questions, she would fully break down every scenario so I could make informed decisions. I have had a lawyer that was always late and I feel was a waste of money. Never once did I have to question Amanda in this way. If I ever have a need for a lawyer again Amanda will be my choice.”

- Kenneth B.

“The staffing support has been amazing and reliable. Amanda  and co. are the best for your attorney needs.”

- Joe G.

“Hard working, reliable and professional! Best criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County.”

- Morgan P.

“Amanda Webb was my lawyer. I'm very content with her work and the result. She was very informative and helpful to my case. Her secretary and partner where very friendly and informative also. Every question or concern I had they were there to assist me. I also like their payment plan. I definitely recommend Amanda and her group.”

- Lizbeth M.

“Very personable. Highly recommend.”

- Gee G.

“Amanda Webb is not only an excellent lawyer, but an amazing person. She really understood my situation and was able to get my son the help he needed. Having Amanda in our corner made the whole experience easier on us and I would strongly recommend her.”

- Jessica K.

“Amanda represented my family in a criminal case that appeared a slam dunk in the beginning and quickly evolved into a very complex situation.  The old saying "The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly" is accurate to say the least.  We were not always the most patient and I know at times we were challenging.  Through the entire process Amanda remained professional and persistent, she explained every piece of the process to us in detail and we never felt as though we were 'in the dark' for lack of a better term.  She was (and still is) very quick to respond and made herself available to us round the clock.  We could not have asked for a better end to the nightmare that we endured, and Amanda is the one we have to thank for that.  When shopping for a criminal attorney we were drawn to Amanda for her reviews, we did not have experience with criminal attorneys, so we started with google.  We are not disappointed in our decision.  Amanda got us through the worst time of our lives, and I would give her 10 stars if I could.”

- Dawn T.

“Ms. Webb is terrific! Besides being such a wonderful attorney, Ms. Webb is truly a compassionate, caring, honest person. She works so hard at whatever she is doing while never forgetting you are a person. I never felt judged or looked down on. Staff is professional and kind.”

- Shelli N.

“There isn't much more you could ask of for in an attorney in Montgomery county Texas. I recommend her to all my clients who need the best criminal defense attorney. Absolutely, the best.”

- M.

“Amanda Webbs team help me out tremendously, when I needed them the most! Very professional and will highly recommend her out to friends in need.”

- Johnathan C.

“Anytime I need legal advice I know I can turn to The Webb Firm. The staff is a pleasure to speak with. This is an intelligent, hardworking firm and Amanda is simply amazing at what she does. Highly recommend this firm!”

- Taira A.

“Amanda and the staff were very helpful with my legal needs. Although they could not take my case, they directed me through the proper channels. Excellent customer service.”

- Veronica H.

“Amanda was very professional and helpful in assisting in all my legal need. Highly recommend this firm.”

- John R.

“Great attorney has a lot of experience, was a DA in Montgomery county. One of the best attorneys in the area. I would recommend her to anyone. Her staff is also very professional and helpful.”

- Diana H.

“Couldn't ask for a better lawyer. Always had time for all my questions and represented me with determination. Highly Recommended!!!!”

- Ryan S.

“Highly recommended.  I can't say enough about Amanda and the entire staff at The Webb Firm.  They were all extremely kind and helpful throughout the process, explained everything thoroughly and worked extremely hard to fight for me.   Again, highly recommended!”

- Colby R.

“Customer service is wonderful. The staff is highly knowledgeable and always a joy to speak with.”

- R.

“Amanda was amazing from start to finish she literally saved my life. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. Thanks again for your support.”

- Tammy P.

“As in intern for Amanda Webb, I can honestly say she has made a positive impact on my future. Career aside, she is one of the most compassionate, intellectual people I have ever met. As a lawyer, she puts a full amount of effort and care into each one of her client's cases and treats them as her own. God-willing I won't need her services in my life but if I do, I know I will absolutely be calling her.”

- Cole F.

“Great lawyer always happy to answer any questions I had.”

- Daniel R.

“Magnificent firm, knowledgeable staff & attorneys. Always courteous when I call.”

- Marta M.

“The staff was extremely helpful with my inquiries. Amanda is an exemplary Attorney.”

- Alexandria S.

“This firm comes highly recommended and after speaking with the staff I understand why. Thank you, Amanda, for the legal consultation.”

- Jianna B.

“When in need, The Webb Firm is who you want representing you! The staff is very courteous and will tend to your needs with compassion unlike many other firms.”

- Isabel T.

“Amanda is honestly the way to go. Very professional and educated, knowledgeable. Very helpful.”

- Monse F.

“Extremely professional, always got back to me in timely manner regarding any information about my case. Answered questions that didn't even pertain to the case at hand over all a wonderful group.”

- David C.

“The Webb Firm are professional attorneys that take a sound approach to solving your legal problem. I highly recommend them.”

- Chris G.

“Very professional! Performed above my expectations. I would refer to anyone who needs a great lawyer.”

- Marty G.

“Amanda Webb is Awesome, so thankful for The Webb Firm!!!!”

- John M.

“When I needed help with my legal matter, Amanda was very professional and knowledgeable concerning my case. She has a sharp mind and knows her away around Montgomery County court system.”

- Ron

“I’m very content with her work and the result. I was freaking out about what the future would look like when I was charged with a DWI and MOD but Amanda help release that stress once she explained and executed her plan. She was very informative and helpful to my case. Her secretary and partner where very friendly and informative also. Every question or concern I had they were there to assist me. I also like their payment plan. I definitely recommend Amanda and her group.”

- Lizbeth

“Amanda Webb is a great at what she does. She helped me through the entire process of what to do and before I knew it my case was dropped. 10/10.”

- Anonymous

“Hired Mrs. Webb for case against me. Couldn't ask for a better lawyer. She always made time for any questions I had and got the charges reduced in my case so that my life didn't end completely. Would recommend to anyone.”

- Ryan

“My husband had been going to court for three months. Never once saw his lawyer or knew anything that was going on. All he did know was that he was getting offered a year state jail. Last month in January we fired his lawyer and that's when we got Mrs. Webb. She then took over the case and we didn't have to stress. She went into the courtroom and within minutes he received a less sentence than a year with no probation. I would recommend Amanda Webb. Thank you so much.”

- Anonymous

“Would highly recommend Ms. Webb. She knows a lot and showed interests in my son case. She always seemed like she cared and made time for me when I called. She seems so sweet and innocent until she gets to the judge and a switch is turned on making her a lawyer no one wants to face. I actually felt sorry for the prosecuted. Great Job Ms. Webb!”

- Anonymous

“Amanda and I are still working together in order to overcome the unfortunate events that climaxed the most difficult times I have faced in my life. I am very thankful for her honesty and hard work. She has been a blessing thus far and I believe her efforts and mine, will be awarded with the respect and dignity deserved. My circumstances have been unkind with no cell phone, no vehicle, and no personal source of communication via internet. After my Granny passed in 2011 and my fiancé of eight years chose a lifestyle I disagreed with over Nolan and I the year prior, my life took a turn down a road I had never traveled. Poverty causes people to come in your life which you would normally never associate. Amanda and her right-hand gal, Destiny, are knowledgeable and truly care about the cases they take. Thank you both! While my access to contact you is limited, please believe that my name and dignity, which I have worked all my life to uphold is extremely important to me. I care about my life and well-being in order to care for my child. Although past efforts have failed, I will never give up on believing in myself or the truth and proof of the foundational integrity my Pa-pa Leo and Granny Yvonne gave me in early years in life. I have the utmost confidence in Amanda and her team and their capability for victory in justice loyalty to my best interests, as well as my five-year-old son. I would like to say she is excellent, but we still have work to do before I can give an overall judgement. Best Regards.”

- Nicole A.

“I was arrested for DWI up in Conroe and thought my life was coming to an end. I didn't realize I was over the limit until I was in front of an officer. Needless to say... I spent the night in jail. I was referred to Amanda (The Webb Firm ) from a family member of mine and called her the next day. She was available immediately to speak with me and I set up a time to meet her. From the beginning, I knew she was going to be able to help me. She had just left the DA's office as a prosecutor and seemed to know EVERYTHING about fighting a DWI. She reviewed my case and noticed a few minor errors in the reports which ended up SAVING my license and my dignity. I almost couldn't believe it! For anyone who is reading, don't hesitate to call The Webb Firm. They truly can help. Thank you, Amanda.”

- Anonymous

“I'm not one for leaving reviews, but they were so awesome that I needed to give them a good review.   Excellent team!!!  Friendly group, and they actually care.”

- Keith F.

“Amanda handled my case, as well as many of my friends and GF and got them all DISMISSED. She goes over and beyond, and very well respected in the court room. I will never hire or recommend another attorney. Amanda Webb literally as given me a second chance with my future. Thank you for everything.”

- Stacy C.

“Ms. Webb is the absolute best lawyer! She is kind, thoughtful, professional, and an absolute blessing!!! My case was DISMISSED!!! I HIGHLY recommend Amanda Webb for your DWI case!! I can’t thank her enough!”

- Kelley

“5 starts doesn’t justify it. Thank you so much Webb firm.”

- David A.

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND, EXCELLENT ATTORNEY, COMPASSIONATE, WORKS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, The staff and attorney was very professional, respectful and kept me informed of all events.”

- Janice L.

 “Great people here.   Every court date I only waited 15 minutes and they had me in and out of there. DUI dismissed.”

- Jake M.

 “Great Experience -made the process go smoothly”

- Tim F.

 “Thank you so much for getting my case dismissed. You kept your word.”

- Julie M.

Endorsements from other attorneys

“I had multiple cases against Amanda when I was a prosecutor in Montgomery County. She is a fighter in the courtroom. She has experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer. I highly recommend her to anyone facing criminal charges.”

- Attorney Jarrod S.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Anthony E.

“I worked with Amanda at the Montgomery County DA's office and later against Amanda when she went into private practice. She knows the law, she knows how to talk to prosecutors, and she knows how to get favorable results for her clients. I would highly recommend her for any matters.”

- Attorney Colin H.

“Amanda is an outstanding advocate for her criminal defense clients. I highly recommend her.”

- Attorney Chris A.

“I endorse this lawyer. If you want a smart, experienced lawyer who really cares then hire Amanda Webb!”

- Attorney Robbie S.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Thomas J.

“Amanda is a dedicated and bright young lawyer. She has a sharp mind and like a good chess player she is generally about a dozen moves ahead of her adversaries. Amanda has integrity and a good work ethic. Amanda does what she says she is going to do. She is a fine lawyer and knows her way around Montgomery County. Amanda is respected by her peers and that respect is well-deserved.”

- Attorney Robert J.

“I endorse this lawyer. Amanda is a very capable and knowledgeable attorney. She is also a very zealous advocate for her clients.”

- Attorney Sean G.

“Amanda is a very effective lawyer. She is intelligent, experienced and skilled. Most of all, Amanda cares greatly about her clients and it shows in her commitment to getting the best outcome in every case. Amanda is a first-rate lawyer, and asset to any client that she represents.”

- Attorney Courtney G.

“I completely give my endorsement to Amanda. She is a great lawyer with a tremendous reputation in our community. I have gone to her on several occasions for help and she has never been wrong. Not only is she a great lawyer but she is a great person as well. That comes through in her caring nature and her commitment to her clients. If you are looking for an attorney in Conroe, you can't go wrong with Amanda.”

- Attorney Frank M.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney F. Hersom

“I have enormous respect for Amanda Webb. Not only is she incredibly smart and talented, but she's also well-liked in the legal community (from both sides of the bar). She always makes herself available to help other lawyers whenever possible and I've found her advice to be extraordinarily useful to my own legal practice.”

- Attorney Todd G.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Joseph S.

“Ms. Webb consistently provides insightful and helpful advice. Her knowledge and diligence are clearly evident. I endorse her without reservation.”

- Attorney Matthew C.

“I endorse this lawyer. I've known Amanda for many years. Her knowledge and dedication to her clients and their defense is remarkable. I highly recommend her.”

- Attorney Karla R.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Herbert I.

“Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.”

- Attorney Christian K.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Jeremy B.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Stuart A.

“I endorse this lawyer. Amanda is well-known and well-respected by prosecutors, judges, and court staff. She works hard, brings years of prosecutorial and defense experience to the table. Highly recommended.”

- Attorney Joshua Z.

“I endorse this lawyer.”

- Attorney Michael B.


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