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AtThe Webb Firm, P.C. we offer legal services for anyone charged with a criminal offense. We’ve handled most all cases ranging from misdemeanor all the way up to Murder. No matter what your criminal case is, we have the experience and knowledge to defend you by fighting the prosecutors head on. With Amanda being a former prosecutor for Montgomery County, she has tried many cases and has more inside knowledge than most attorneys that have been in the business for 30 years.

Starting your case with The Webb Firm, P.C. is simple and non intrusive. We’ll handle your case with the utmost respect and listen to your wants and needs.  We are extremely diligent in performing the right steps at exactly the right time. Our lawyers are experienced in taking cases to trial and executing a proper deal when the time is right. There isn’t much we can’t or wont do, so please don’t hesitate to ask us a question or give us a call at: 936-647-3352


  • Can you lawyer provide references
  • Hiring a lawyer with proven results DOES matter
  • Will your attorney listen to your wants?
  • Experience in trial really DOES matter
  • Will your attorney talk to you on a regular basis?
  • Does your attorney have a good reputation?
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