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Gameday DWI Arrests

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Couple watching sports.

With the super bowl fast approaching, family and friends will gather in front of the television to watch the big game. As your guests get together and hunker down for the next 3 hours, our Houston Super Lawyers want to remind you to play it safe.

It’s important your guests have more to eat than they drink if they plan on getting behind the wheel after the game. Avoiding a DWI on this night, could be difficult.

Did you know that over 1400 DWI crashes happen during football games? This accounts for about 6% of the total DWI crashes in the state throughout the year. A local TxDot officer indicated that drinking and driving on big football games is actually increasing as the years go by.

It was also noted that about 45% of Texan residents drink alcohol while watching football and then driving home after the game. If we know this information is readily available, the police officers must know it too! Being out in full force on these game days will be no surprise!

Primarily, the most DWI arrests are occurring in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

If you’re unlucky enough to be arrested for a DWI, it’s important to note that many of these defendants can apply for a pretrial diversion instead of a conviction. In most cases, this route would often take the offender to alcohol abuse or dependency treatment.

As you may or may not be aware, having a DWI on your record is a permanent offense which can result in higher insurance rates, loss of a job and certainly have an affect future employment. Getting a good… no, scratch that… a GREAT DWI Lawyer will help reduce and possibly even eliminate the charges against you.

If you’re one of the hosts for this year’s big Super Bowl game, please try to provide more food than alcohol and always keep water within an arm’s reach of someone who is drinking. Combining food and water along with alcohol can lessen the chance of testing over the limit

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