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Expunge Your Old Cases In Texas

Texas allows expunction or cleaning of law enforcement records in specific situations. The result of an expunction case is to remove all records of an event from any law enforcement court or governmental database. Law enforcement companies preserve records and databases containing these records.

State law defines who can and can not get an expunction. The result of the original case usually determines who is eligible. For the most part you are either qualified for an expungement or you are not. Most circumstances are clear. Your attorney can offer you the very best recommendations on whether you qualify based on your particular situation. A court-ordered deferred adjudication probation (other than for Class C misdemeanors) does not qualify for an expunction, however might certify for an order of non-disclosure.

Texas permits expunction or cleaning of police records in specific situations. The outcome of an expunction proceeding is to remove all records of an occasion from any law enforcement court or governmental database. It likewise permits the person lawfully to deny they were ever detained or accuseded of an offense. An expunction is a preferable objective that can provide you a fresh start. At Sphere & Hase, our legal representatives have actually helped lots of clients through this procedure.

What is an expunction?

An expunction is a claim asking a District Court to enter an order that all law enforcement agencies with any records of a person’s arrest (or criminal charges) erase, erase or destroy those records. It is meant to remove all records in the hands of law enforcement agencies worrying criminal charges.

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Amanda Webb, Former Prosecutor for Montgomery County and other Webb Firm, P.C. Lawyers have extensive experience in helping individuals who have been charged with this crime. Our lawyers have the trial experience needed to achieve the outcomes desired by our clients. If you’ve been charged with this crime, please call: 936-647-3352 or contact us here.

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