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Risks associated with drinking and driving in the state of Texas is exponential. If you’ve had the unpleasant experience getting pulled over after drinking chances are you’re reading this trying to find information on what you should do next.

First things first. Just because you were arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty! An experienced DWI lawyer understands this and will take your case on as if you are innocent. By now you’re aware of those who fail to take the charge seriously can have unfortunate results of a conviction, jail time, driver’s license suspension, huge court costs and even release of employment. On average, it will costs someone in excess of $10,000 to deal with this charge… not to mention possible insurance premium increases. It’s advised to seek council as soon as possible to start the process of getting the best results possible.

In Texas, law enforcement gets ramped up during the holiday season, major sporting events and concerts. In most cases, this means the famous “No Refusal Weekends” which officers have the luxury of having a judge sign a warrant for your blood if you refuse to blow into the breathalyzers or walk the line. There’s no getting out of it, you must comply on these weekends. However, with enforced efforts and high expectations on law enforcement, violations may lead to unfair arrests…. And that’s where we come in.

Here are your rights as we know it today when you get pulled over.

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to refuse roadside sobriety test
  • The right to refuse breathalyzers
  • The right to refuse a blood sample without a warrant

If you do decide to take a breath test and blow over the Texas state limit of .08 or refuse this test the state administrative license revocation will attempt to suspend your driver’s license. In most cases, the officer likely took your license and will have issued you a permit which should be good for 41 days.

Here is where it gets important, so pay close attention. You have 15 (FIFTEEN) days to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. In most cases, a good criminal defense attorney will be able to explain this to you very easily.   If you fail to request a hearing, it will most likely result in suspension of your driver’s license for 6 months. If you’re unlucky enough to have two DWI’s or two refusals within 10 years an automatic two year suspension could be applied for those who don’t defend themselves properly during the ALR hearing. You’re experience DWI attorney will know the ALR process and can help you possibly keep your license.

Now, here is where it gets sad…. If you’ve had 3 (THREE) DWI’s conviction the offense is punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a hefty court fine of up to $10,000.

No matter if this is your 1st or 3rd DWI, the fact remains the same. You need a GOOD lawyer and quick. There are many average lawyers out here willing to do the job for you and probably only charge you a little bit. It’s advised however to treat yourself to the best attorney possible and spend a little more to get the best you can. Keeping a DWI conviction off your driving record can save you a lifetime of headache!

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